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Save your time using Neet Jee Online App

9860+ Animation Videos

Animated videos in science can be a valuable tool for helping students learn and understand scientific concepts in several ways:

98675+ MCQ Questions

MCQ (multiple choice question) practice questions can be an effective tool for helping students prepare for medical & engineering entrance exams in several ways:

Result Analysis with graphs

Result analysis using graphical representation can be an effective tool for helping students identify their strengths and weaknesses in medical and engineering entrance examinations.


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You can login with Gmail. The above ID eliminate the need for users to create and remember separate login credentials for our application.. Instead, users can simply use their existing login credentials from a trusted third-party provider to access to our application.


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The profile creation is very simple.You just want to set the class and subjects only . 30 percentage of the resources and online practice tests will be automatically added to your account with profile creation.Our system needed to know your subjects to generate reports with graphical analysis


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A mobile app with artificial intelligence (AI) can be a powerful tool for helping students practice for entrance examinations.AI algorithms can analyze student performance data and provide personalized recommendations for practice and study materials based on individual strengths and weaknesses.

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We have 4 categories of resources.Animated videos / MCQ and its solutions / Online practice tests / Previous (20 years) NEET Paperswith timer and result analysis .

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Packages for Entrance Institutes

Integrating AI into the medical and engineering entrance examination online application can provide several benefits to training institutes in improving students' performance. Some ways in which AI can help are:

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How our System can help the Institutes ?

Entrance Institutes can follow the simple methods to test the students with generated TEST CODE

Upload your students using excel file

Your Staff can create unlimited classrooms and upload students to the system using the excel template file.

Generate Online test with Test Code

Your staff can generate unlimited online tests (instant / scheduled) from our question banks and share the TEST CODE with students.

Students can join with Test Code

On joining with your test code, our APP will act like your APP with your Institute's name.Students can use the APP without subscription.

Instant Assessment Reports

Our AI integrated system will generate the customised report of the assessment with graphical analysis in all possible ways.

Gather Feedback

Detailed chapter-wise assessment feedback can be immensely helpful in education as it provides students with valuable insights into their learning progress and helps them identify areas of weakness that require further attention.
In summary, chapter-wise assessment feedback is essential for helping students identify gaps in their learning, improving learning outcomes, boosting motivation, encouraging self-reflection, and informing instruction. .

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Review From Our Users

Excellent App!

NJO NEET Entrance App is an application designed for medical aspirants who are preparing for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). It offers comprehensive study materials, including video lectures, practice tests, and mock exams, to help students prepare for the NEET exam.

Image RAHEESH, — Uduppi,Karnataka

This App is easy to use!

One of the significant advantages of the NJO NEET entrance app is its user-friendly interface. The app has a simple and intuitive design that allows students to access study materials easily. The app's content is well-organized into different sections, making it easier for students to find the material they need.

Image Mithun, — Chennai,Tamilnadu

Awesome functionality!

The NJO app provides several features to help students track their progress. Students can track their performance by taking practice tests and mock exams, and the app provides detailed performance reports to help students identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Image Amal, — Kerala,India

AI integrated App

Many of my friends reported that this NJO App is highly effective in helping them to prepare for their NEET and JEE entrance exams. The AI technology used in this NJO App is capable of analyzing the user's performance and providing personalized feedback and recommendations to help them improve.

Image Anshul, — Mumbai, Maharashtra

Personalized feedback

AI-based entrance practice NJO App appear to be an effective tool for students preparing for entrance exams. They are user-friendly and provide personalized feedback, making them a valuable resource for those looking to improve their skills and increase their chances of success.

Image Harsha Vardhan, — Chennai, TamilNadu

Personalized learning

NJO app offers personalized learning, allowing students to focus on areas they need to improve. The app tracks the student's progress, providing them with detailed analysis and feedback to help them identify their weaknesses and strengths.

Image Sharon, — Thrissure, Kerala

Interactive learning

NJO App offer interactive learning modules with multimedia content, such as videos, animations, and diagrams. This can make the learning experience more engaging and effective. Medical entrance exams are time-bound, and time management is critical to success. Students can get a feel for the types of questions that will be asked and identify areas where they need more practice.

Image Soumya, — Mumbai, Maharashtra


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, NJO App is free for everyone. you can access upto 30 percentage of the content absolutely free

  • Android and IOS Apps are available. You can also access using the website ,but access to paid content is restricted via mobile apps.

  • Actually, This App is developed and organised by Dr.Abubacker and his team to serve the students community . However to manage the expense for server management , a small monthly fee will be applicable.

  • Yes, we like to help financially backward people.You can apply for full free access by submitting this form (Download) and duly signed by your Principal with office seal.We like to help the brilliant students from poor family.

  • You can pay the fee via UPI(Google pay / Phonepe / BHIM SBI Pay / BHIM Axis Pay / YONO SBI / Bharatpe / and all UPI Pay .

  • Select the Plan , Generate invoice , scan QR code , type the invoice number and email id in the place proveded and Proceed to pay.You will be notified via app notification / email once the payment is accepted and applied to your NJO account.(Please remember that we can process ONLY WITH INVOICE NUMBER AND EMAIL ID)

  • Dr.Abubacker is working as a HOD of Science in a reputed CBSE School in Dubai since 2006.

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